Edmunds Carcode

Edmunds Carcode—platform that allows people who want to buy a car communicative with dealers via SMSes. It consists of back-office application for dealership, admin panel to manage entire platform and widget that allows potentional buyers to start communication with dealers from website and then continue it via SMS/MMS.
    Iterative development of platform architecture and design in accordance with business requirements.

    Development of a chat bot and scenarios for interaction with it.

    Creation of a library with all used elements on the project.
    The old functionality of the platform has been revised and improved, the new one has been designed.

    A guide site was developed based on sites.google.com with all the elements and styles of the product collected.

    Design library for Sketch has been developed.

    A chat bot has been created to get quick advice without involving human resources.

    Several large scenarios have been created in the form of an interactive prototype for the chatbot and the platform itself for A/B testing.
    User Experience & User Interface Designer.

    – development of UX scenarios based on business requirements;

    – detailed interactive prototyping;

    – creation of visual design in accordance with the existing styles;

    – development of icons and illustrations;

    – creation of quick concepts of new functionality;

    – creation of a guide site with all elements and their states;

    – work on scripts and chatbot functionality.
Worked with me on several streams at once
I worked on the project on two different streams at the same time
Approximate number of team members involved in the project
More about product functionality
  • The ability to communicate with customers from anywhere
    Buyers can contact the dealer in any way they want, whether it’s website chat, text messages, or Facebook Messenger. The dealer can manage all conversations on a single platform available on any device. Dealers using CarCode can receive up to 200% more leads from Edmunds.
  • Speed up and simplify the deal
    The ability to exchange car photos with customers. Receiving PDF files. Automatic sending of chat transcripts, which will give the dealer another chance to receive the customer’s email, as well as quickly recall the terms of the transaction. Share the location of the dealership via Google Maps.
  • Receive notifications
    There is no need to constantly check for new leads—Edmunds will let the dealer know when their agent has finished talking to the buyer.
  • Collecting information about potential customers
    The platform asks buyers to share their contact information and then saves it on a collection form for the dealer to review later. CarCode also automatically searches for other available contact information in the chat.
  • Access to vehicle information
    The ability to check by VIN if the car is in stock, share the inventory list and provide detailed information about such options.
  • Moving to managed messaging
    Possibility to be available 24/7. A trained US response team will quickly respond to inquiries on behalf of the dealer.
Sketch, Abstract, Avacode, Adobe Illustrator, Principle, Invision, Atlassian KB & Jira.
I worked with Apalinaryia for edmunds.com from 2017 and 2018. During her tenure at Edmunds, she worked as a UX/UI hybrid designer on support tasks and platform redesign for a messaging platform, CarCode.

When she joined the team, she quickly immersed herself into the product and demonstrated her knowledge and expertise in UX and UI by actively sharing her thoughtful views and recommendations, which impressed the product owners and dev. lead.

She was a major contributor to the CarCode 2018 redesign initiative. The product suite was huge, used by 7,000 dealerships in the US (dealership management interface with different user groups, call center agent interface with different user groups, public-facing chat, SMS, FB Messenger, Facebook Marketplace interface, to name a few); strategy (onsite) and execution (offsite) were in different locations and time-zones; multiple designers were involved at one point, which made it hard for documentation. She sat through all challenges and frustrating moments with grace and patience and successfully completed the design, style guides and documentation.

After just a month of launching the new design (a small portion of the entire effort), lead generation was increased by 32%. In one month (May 2018), SMS leads grew 1.8 times and chats grew by 2 times.

I highly recommend Apalinaryia—she is thorough, smart, talented and humble. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Claire Kwon, Linkedin