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Apollinaria Manko
Product designer, illustrator
I am a practicing designer with more than 8 years of experience. I have worked on very various projects: from complex business CRM systems, banking products, financial applications to the creation of sales webpages with beautiful digital illustrations. I have a professional art education as a graphic designer.

I really love design! This is an incredible field in which there are no limits and no ceiling in development. Everything is interesting, I want to try and try everything! The only disadvantage is that life is not enough to try everything.

My most incredible dream: to open a private university in Belarus with areas ranging from design to illustration and ceramics. I have a picture in my head: glass campuses outside the city in a pine forest :) And, as I like to joke, to finish it and get a university education, since I have only an art college under my belt right now. To achieve this goal for the past 4 years I am actively engaged in the development of the school of design zefirdesign.by.

Also, I really like illustration. And my next step is to actively develop in this field, too.
Area of expertise
Product Designer
•Designing new products and improving existing ones;

•Development of information architecture, research, testing, etc;

•Development of visual design for mobile and desktop applications.
•Digital vector 2D illustration;

•Digital raster 2D illustration using texture, perspective, anatomy;

•Classical illustration with the use of art materials.
Mentor & Creator ;)
•Teaching school students in two areas: UI & UX and graphic design;

•I love creating things with my own hands: from working with ceramics to brooches;
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Phone: +375 29 564 62 89
E-mail: apollinaria911m@gmail.com
Belarus, Minsk