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Apollinaria Manko
Product designer, illustrator
I am a practicing designer with over 9 years of experience. I worked on a wide variety of projects: from complex business CRM systems, banking products, financial applications to the creation of sales landing pages with beautiful digital illustrations. I have a professional art education as a graphic designer.

I really love design! This is an incredible area in which there are no boundaries or ceilings in development. Everything is interesting, you want to try and try everything! The only negative is that life is not enough to try everything. Design changes a person's thinking and attitude towards life.

In addition to my main job as an experience designer, I am constantly developing in very diverse areas, taking part in startups and trying myself as a businesswoman ;)

Over the past 10 years, I have worked on several startups, from darkstore to a service station management product, and even opened my own clothing store! The most sincere and dear project for me is the design school zefirdesign.by, on the creation and development of which I worked for 5 years and managed to train worthy designers; we still maintain warm relations with many of the guys. All my activities have incredibly expanded my horizons and experience from questions like "how to run a business" to "how to assemble and manage a team."

My hobby and outlet is illustration, art and ceramics. I create digital illustrations, book illustrations, oil painting and clay sculpting. I have two incredible dreams that I am gradually moving towards: my book will be published by a famous publishing house and I will someday have an exhibition of my work in an art gallery :)
Area of expertise
  • Product Designer
    •Designing new products and improving existing ones;

    •Development of information architecture, research, testing, etc;

    •Development of visual design for mobile and desktop applications.
  • Illustrator
    •Digital vector 2D illustration;

    •Digital raster 2D illustration using texture, perspective, anatomy;

    •Classical illustration with the use of art materials.
  • Mentor & Creator ;)
    •I taught students in two areas: UI & UX and graphic design;

    •From time to time I mentor beginning designers;

    •I love creating things with my own hands: from working with ceramics to brooches.
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Phone: +375 29 564 62 89
E-mail: apollinaria911m@gmail.com
Belarus, Minsk