• Paper sketch
• Color palette
• Draft digital illustration
• Created all digital Illustrations
• Approval, making edits
  • Illustration style
    Even while searching for interesting solutions in the financial field of interfaces and creating a mood board, a search was made for the style of future illustrations.
  • Objective
    To make attractive and not prim illustrations, while they must contain a hint of rigour and businesslike, to convey lightness and ease.
Use simple illustrations with restrained colours. However, with the addition of bright colour accents. It was also decided to add marine plant elements, as the Aigenis brand is based on a marine theme.

First, paper sketches of all future illustrations were provided. After their approval, one digital illustration was worked out. Then the remaining illustrations in the final form were created.
Revision of illustrations
for the desktop application
A year after the launch of the mobile application, the task was to develop an interface for the desktop. It was decided to slightly change the color palettes of the existing illustrations and add gradients to them. It was also necessary to draw a number of illustrations in the already set style.